What class participants have said about:

The Role of Women In the Church

The women in ministry set me free from some issues that I have been taught as a child. I am preaching and teaching something I said I would never do. Over the years God never gave up on the plan He had for my life. I spoke with Pastor Jesse and Marie about having a Saturday set aside next year for other women in this area to hear the truth. Satan has had women in chain for too long and it is time for them to come out of their prison like I have come out of my prison. There is much work to do and everyone is needed to get the job done for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Harvest is ripe and God can use whoever He wants. Every woman with a call on her life need to take the course and listen to the tapes not just once but over and over.

God Bless,
Jean Hardy
Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

We sent (unedited) testimonies of students:

"I am confident that it is necessary service. Pastor Wayne deeply explains this topic. This teaching help to many people strengthen women"
Rimma Sinyshin, the fourth year student.

"I liked as Doctor Wayne lectures on this theme. He explains it not superficially, but enlarged, gives a lot of explanatory material of cultural and historical circle in which were written Paul's letters. By listen this teaching I got answers on controversial questions in women ministry."
Ira Naidyonova, the fourth year student.

"Samaritan woman near Jacob's well in exposition of Doctor Wayne became for me a living example of woman-evangelist. It was a big inspiration for my ministry and for outreach"
Ira Goyaniuk, Institute graduates.

"During stay in Ukraine Doctor Wayne went in different churches and teaches on theme "Women in ministry". In each church after this services were comments, where people especially women received freedom relatively question "Place of woman in God's plan and at church". Special reaction on this theme were at churches where during decades was not right teaching about "covering head", "silence of women in church", "humility before husband", "women's clothes e.t.a.
It is very urgency and necessary subject. Thank you."

 Maria Barashevskaya,
Deacon of Springs of Life Bible institute, Lviv Ukraine