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Dr. Wayne Hendrickson has developed a series of one-day seminars and courses which he offers to churches. These are impactful, informative and fast-paced six-hour seminars that can easily be hosted by your local church.

There is no set fee for this seminar. A love offering should be taken for Dr. Hendrickson and he requests the opportunity to sell his study guides  to the attendees. (Host church is expected to provide hotel and cover travel expenses in addition to a love offering.) These courses are designed to be adaptable to Bible School curriculum, informal group studies, Adult Sunday School, as well as, personal enrichment studies. (Read testimonies of some of our participants.)


The Role Of Women In Ministry
This seminar examines women of biblical leadership roles from the Old Testament prophets, teachers and judges, to New Testament apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers and deacons. Where did the downfall of women in ministry begin?

We also look at all the so-called “controversial” scriptures supposedly prohibiting women from teaching. We view them in the light of the New Testament Greek and consider the historical background of the times. This study is designed not just for women but men also will be blessed as we discuss scriptural husband and wife relationships.

Ministry Gifts

Discover God's Calling On Your LifeIn this seminar we will explain how a person can determine a divine call to the five-fold ministry. We will study the roles of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. We will also look at the helps ministry. You will come away knowing what constitutes the true office of the ministry gifts, what gifts of the Holy Spirit accompany certain ministry gifts, and the variety and balance between the ministry gifts offices.

Spirit, Soul and Body

This is a seminar designed to inform the Believer about the three-part composition of man. We are a triune being created in the likeness of God. It is a great foundational teaching that helps the Believer to grow in their faith and relationship with God.


This seminar is a must for every Believer. Satan attacks us in the realm of our right standing with God based upon remembering our sin and past failures. This critical revelation of righteousness will forever deal a deathblow to the torment of the enemy concerning your rights in Christ and your ability to access God’s presence without feelings of inferiority.


Experience Success In Prayer.There are different ways in which a believer can pray. We need to understand the rules that apply to each type of prayer. This teaching will help you to identify which way the Holy Spirit is directing you to pray. You will also discover what is the difference between supplication and intercession. Who can pray the prayer of faith? What are the hindrances to prayer and how do you know if someone is in real prayer agreement?

Life Of Abundance
Some believers are in one ditch or the other when it comes to prosperity. Either they have a poverty and beggarly attitude or they are extreme and gimmicky. This teaching will help you get in the middle of the road on the area of finances. This is a well-balanced study that will inspire you in the knowledge of a prosperous and generous God but will expose extreme teachings that are not biblically based. It will show you how to have true Biblical prosperity in your life and ministry.

Leadership Principles

Leadership - Taking Responsibility.God always qualifies men or women leaders through the anointing, but these leaders must qualify themselves through their character. This study will deal with necessary moral and ethical values that every leader must build into their every day life. We will look at the success and failures of anointed leaders in the Bible and what lessons we can learn from them today.

True Spiritual Warfare
There is often much confusion concerning the topic of spiritual warfare. It has been a hot topic for almost twenty years and yet the Word of God is so very clear about true spiritual warfare, if only we would take time to read and understand what God has said. We will clarify God’s part and our part concerning our fight with Satanic attacks. You will be enlightened and empowered by this study to be more effective as a Christian. This teaching also includes the topic of angels, covering what they are, whom they serve, the types of angels and what they do.


There is much controversy and there are many questions surrounding the topic of faith. This seminar attempts to define true scriptural faith and then give examples of the principles of faith both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Faith is like a muscle and must be exercised in order to grow and develop. This study will help you understand the God-kind of faith that works every time and how to increase your faith level to experience more of God and His plan for your life.


This seminar on Healing is designed to reveal to the student the origin of sickness, how to receive healing for yourself, and then how to minister healing to others. There is a great need for revelation on Healing. Jesus purchased it for us and it is a free gift provided in the New Birth. Every Believer needs to understand how to appropriate healing and walk in divine health.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
When Jesus ascended into Heaven, God did not leave us helpless. He sent us the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit has gifts to help us minister the life of God to others. This seminar will acquaint you with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they operate in the Church today.

Dr. Hendrickson will do any of these seminars at your location. If you choose we will custom design a seminar for you. Call or email today to speak with Dr. Hendrickson.

Want To Know How To Host A Seminar In Your Church?

For more information or to schedule a seminar for your church or women’s group, please email us at ableministers@aol.com

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