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Since coming to Ukraine in 1999, my wife and I have developed a long-term relationship with an orphanage in the city of Kalyniv, about an hour and a half from Lviv, where our ministry is based.

They have approximately fifty children ranging in age from infants to fifteen years old. When they reach the age of fifteen, they are sent to a trade school in the big city of Lviv where they live in dorms.

Visiting missionary teams have been able to bless these children by taking trips to this orphanage and bringing candy, sports equipment and the Word of God. We even had a donation of many beautiful porcelain dolls for the older girls, and nice plastic dolls for the younger girls. They have them neatly displayed on their beds showing they appreciate these gifts.

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Our partners have also donated funds to enable us to purchase shoes, socks, slippers, hats, gloves, undergarments and assorted clothing. We also give the older children grooming aids and jewelry.

Most of these children will never be adopted so they will spend their childhood and early teenage years in the orphanage and then go off to trade school at age fifteen. Babies are more likely to be adopted from the larger city orphanages, but not so likely for many of the older children.

Kalyniv is a military town. One particular family had five children in that orphanage. The mother was an alcoholic and the father was in prison. But these children are precious and full of love.

The orphanage itself is kept clean and orderly. The children do receive an education and are very well behaved. Pastor Vasil comes from the nearby town of Sambir where we helped establish a church in 1999, and conducts a Bible lesson for them.

They are so grateful for everything you provide for them. Their eyes light up when you bring them gifts. They love to entertain you with their talents. They sing, dance, play the piano, and do short dramas. They do classical and folk music. They even try to learn a song or two in English. They simply captivate your heart and you want to take them all home with you.

Since they are children, they are growing. They always need new seasonal clothing and shoes, coats and hats for winter, sneakers and socks for work and play as well as, pajamas and slippers.

It is more cost effective to purchase the necessary items here in Ukraine rather than buying and shipping them from the U.S. Our money will go further and we can buy the sizes they need when they need them.

Please pray about partnering with us to help these precious children. With your help we can make their lives a little easier and show them that God loves them and provides for them. We have very low overhead costs where the orphanage is concerned so your contribution goes exclusively to help the children. Please enjoy the photographs of these little ones at the bottom of the page.

There are two options for giving a gift or partnering with us.

Give your gift by mail. Please send checks to:

Able Ministers Ministries
P.O. Box 11904
Wilmington, DE 19850

ATTENTION: Please designate your giving for the orphans.

If you would prefer to make your donation online using your credit card or paypal account click on the donation button below.



*All contributions are tax-deductible.