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Able Ministers International Bible Training Center

Dear Prospective Student:

Has your dream of earning a degree eluded you? Have you taken courses but not finished your Bible Training education? Are you currently in ministry or desire to be?

It is now possible to accomplish your dream of completing your coursework, training for ministry and earning a degree for your labors.

It is easy. All courses will be offered on-line, at your own convenience. Once you pay for your course selection, you will receive a password to download the course to your computer via the Internet.

After you read the material you will need to complete the written assignments and send them the Able Ministers International Bible Training Center Office. An arrangement will then be made for you to take the final examination.

You will receive a transcript reflecting the grade for your completed course. Upon completion of the program, you may then apply to transfer your coursework to Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary with whom we have a partnership to assist our students in receiving credit from an accredited Bible College.

Cost: Each unit is $35.00 (1 unit is $35.00, 2 units is $70, etc.)

Units: Units transferred to Chesapeake Bible College will become full academic credits toward your degree. More...

Pastors - Have A Bible School In Your Church. Click here for more information. More...